Buying & selling businesses

There is no doubt that buying or selling a business is one of the most complicated things you can do. All aspects of the business need to be considered, including its assets and contracts, employees, premises, intellectual property and more. The team of commercial solicitors at stevensdrake has a wide range of experience in buying and selling businesses in all sectors of industry, from residential care to high technology and aviation.

Both buyers and sellers have to go through a due diligence process, designed to provide the buyer with all the information they will need to decide if they want to proceed. This process can vary in complexity depending on the depth of information required and its availability. The experienced team of commercial lawyers at stevensdrake will guide you through this process with the minimum of fuss.

The mechanics of the process also need to be dealt with and will depend on whether the transaction is a share sale or asset sale. In either case, the transaction documents will contain warranties from the sellers on the state of the business. We will put together a bespoke team from the commercial, employment and property departments to advise you on all aspects of the transaction.

The structure of the transaction must also be carefully thought through, as this will dictate the amount of tax paid by both the buyer and seller. We will always work closely with your tax advisers to ensure that you get the best deal, with the minimum of tax exposure.