Commercial Debt

At stevensdrake, we recognise the need to maximise our clients’ cash flow and our aim is to: make invoices a priority to pay through attempts to secure voluntary resolution, or; to compel payment through litigation where previous attempts have failed.

A solicitor’s letter at any time can have a galvanising effect. When timed sensibly in relation to internal collection processes it highlights to the indebted business that the matter has been escalated and has consequences if the issue is not addressed. In our experience, our involvement will move your invoice further up the list of priorities.

As solicitors we are committed to principle based and outcome focussed compliance regulation through the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We know that in a competitive legal market securing the best net returns whilst safeguarding your reputation is key. As a stakeholder in your recoveries process we will work closely to agree a recovery plan resulting in the best possible opportunity of reclaiming the money your business is owed.

Legal collection need not be an expensive option. We offer our business clients a competitive service with a transparent fixed price list providing clarity prior to engagement. It is important to note that in any litigation proceedings you will be entitled to recover some costs and claim interest and late payment fees on the outstanding sums.

The Firm has been collecting business debts for over 40 years with great success.