Motor and Asset Finance

The Recovery of Goods Centre is a specialist division within stevensdrake solely focused on asset recovery and collections for the motor finance industry. We offer a unique, personalised end-to-end service including ROG proceedings through to litigation and enforcement where necessary.

Through strategic partnerships, having proved the value we add, we continue to retain clients year after year.

Services are provided through a dedicated point of contact and commercial terms are negotiable dependent on volume.



Recovery of Goods

We will make attempts to establish contact with the customer to encourage voluntary surrender of the vehicle. Where appropriate, Recovery of Goods proceedings are issued by experienced staff, including a request for a monetary judgment to save costs on recovery of any shortfall, and the proceedings are monitored through to conclusion. Once the vehicle has been recovered it is remarketed and sold either by one of our carefully selected contractors, or we will be happy to work with a contractor appointed by you.


Where a shortfall arises, a Letter before Action is issued within 24 hours of referral. We will attempt contact to try to avoid the need for proceedings, whilst identifying a means to enforce. Payments are reviewed and monitored on a regular basis. If payment is not received, the Recovery of Goods Order, where a monetary element has not already been granted, is converted to a Monetary Judgment. Enforcement proceedings are considered and can include Attachment of Earnings Order, Charging Order, and Possession proceedings.


We have extensive experience in contentious Litigation and can offer bulk and bespoke Litigation tailored to your needs. Our Collections team will provide support up to Summary Judgment but should the matter be contested we can refer you to our Litigation Team. We are able to pursue and collect defended recovery and shortfall cases and can provide complimentary risk avoidance training and support. Learn more

Recovery & Insolvency

Our Insolvency service compliments our ROG team, ensuring your optimum result in insolvency cases. We can provide you with experience and expertise in insolvency matters and offer in-house training on the effects of and dealing efficiently with insolvency. We will develop a strategy with you maximising your recovery for an actual/forthcoming insolvency which will include investigation of fraudulent debtor behaviour. We have experience working with/against Insolvency Practitioners to maximise net recovery for our creditor clients from insolvent estates. Learn more