Family law

Divorce and dissolution of Civil Partnerships
The family law team can assist with divorces, nullity proceedings and dissolution of civil partnerships from start to finish at reasonable cost.
Divorce – Frequently asked questions

Financial Disputes
The team handle the full range of financial proceedings, including those with an international element, and recognise the importance of Pension Sharing within the split of family assets.
Financial disputes on divorce – Frequently asked questions

Collaborative Law
Collaborative Law is a Dispute Resolution model in which both parties to the dispute retain separate, specially trained lawyers, who help them settle matters without going to court. All participants agree to work together in good faith, to try to find solutions to the legitimate needs and entitlement of both parties.

The team pride themselves on being very active in resolving all manner of disputes involving children, including residence, contact and parental responsibility disputes. Sensitive to the emotional issues involved, they take all necessary steps to conclude disputes as quickly and as amicably as possible.
Making arrangements for the children – Frequently asked questions

Domestic Violence
The family law team are able to efficiently and effectively make emergency applications to the court for orders necessary to protect those, including children, at risk of physical or emotional harm at home.
Domestic abuse – Frequently asked questions

Cohabitee disputes and separation
The family law team provides advice to separating couples who are unmarried (cohabitees) and assists them with dividing their property based on property law and trust law principles.  This is often a complex area of law and the team can provide expert advice tailored to your particular circumstances.
Cohabitee disputes and separation – Frequently asked questions

Pre-nuptial/Cohabitation Agreements
Before getting married or setting up home together, couples often wish to make clear the financial and other arrangements that are to exist between them. Our team of specialist family lawyers can draw up appropriate agreements to reflect these arrangements.

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