Missed our recent seminar? Don’t worry, all is not lost!

No doubt you will be kicking yourself if you weren’t able to come along to our recent employment law update seminar.  More than 50 people from a variety of different businesses and organisations registered to come and hear us talk about recent developments in employment law.  The feedback from delegates was very positive.

If you are now left wondering what you can do to ensure you don’t miss out entirely, then please get in touch.  We can provide you with a copy of the slides from our presentation and talk you through any aspects of the seminar that particularly interest you.  Then, if you’d like us to, we can come out to your offices to run the session for you and any of your colleagues who might be interested.  No charge, of course.  It’s all part of the stevensdrake service.

If you are interested in this offer, please drop us an email at employment@stevensdrake.com

We look forward to hearing from you.