Have you received a collection letter?

I’ve received a demand letter from the Collections Team, what should I do?

First of all do not ignore it. If we have written to you we have been instructed to recover a sum of money our client believes is owed to them. The best and easiest way to resolve the matter is to speak to us and tell us what the situation is, that way we can agree what needs to be done next and keep the client up to date also.

Will you take Legal or Post Legal Enforcement Action?

If our Client has instructed us to and we do not hear from you to arrange payment or advise us of your reasons for non payment then Legal Action could be our only course of action in order to satisfy our clients instructions. We would prefer not to and would invite you to call us to discuss your circumstances and sort the matter out without the need for further action.

I don’t owe this

Very occasionally a client will refer a debt they didn’t mean to. In order to investigate this we will need to know what the nature of your dispute is and as many details as you can provide, that way we can hold the account whilst we liaise with our Client to take further instructions. Letting you know what the outcome is and next steps.

I can’t afford to pay

Everybody experiences financial difficulties from time to time and we are very aware of this. Please call us to let us know your circumstances, we will be able to explore your affordability in order to agree an arrangement that is within your budget and acceptable to our client, we will ask you a few confidential questions about your Income and Expenditure so please have those numbers to hand so we can work out with you what available income you have to repay what you owe. Alternatively you can seek help from an independent advice organisation such as the Citizens Advice Bureau www.adviceguide.org.uk  T:Yellowpages, Stepchange Debt Charity www.stepchange.co.uk T:0808 808 4000 or The Money Advice Service www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk T:0300 500 5000. Please tell us if you choose to take this route please let us know so we can update our account.

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