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Charging for our Services: Business Law

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible about the way in which we charge for our services. Due to the wide variation of the nature of transactions and clients, we offer a varied price range to accommodate the nature of the transaction and advice given. With this in mind:

We will advise you as to our fees rates and price ranges/options in advance. We do not charge for initial discussions where we listen to you to initially understand your matter.

We will set out our fees in our Engagement Letter and Terms of Business to ensure you have all the information you need in a clear and understandable format.

We understand that many transactions are complex, have unique circumstances, or may give rise to unforeseen exceptional circumstances and require tailored advice and assistance which will not always fit into a set price range. For such transactions, we will provide at the outset realistic estimates of what we believe will be our costs by reference to the time we expect to incur based on information made available to us by you at that time (including the hourly rates of those working on your transaction) and to work within an agreed budget where possible. This does not take account of unexpected unforeseen matters which may arise.

You can contact Nusrat Qureishi (Head of Corporate and Commercial Law) to discuss further on 01293 596931.

Where giving an estimate, solicitors usually charge for their services by reference to an hourly charge out rate for all their time spent on the matter depending on the experience and seniority of the lawyer concerned and so estimates are based on the expectation of the time at that time of how long the matter will take.

Our rates +

Our Corporate and Commercial Law’s normal hourly charge out rates are currently £340 plus VAT for Nusrat Qureishi and Paul Dungate and £140 plus VAT for our paralegals.

Where other teams are required to work on your matter, we will set out and obtain your agreement to who in the team could be working on your matter and their rates in advance


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that we incur, some of which are payable to third parties. We will advise you of what disbursements will apply, how much they will be, and obtain the funds from you to enable us to pay them on your behalf (which ensures a smoother process). These include bank charges we incur in connection with moving your funds, search fees, identification checking fees, printing and copying charges.

In corporate transactions, we often have to give undertakings as to costs payable by our clients for the other party’s (such as a corporate lender) legal costs. We are required to obtain those costs in full from you first before we give such an undertaking and the funds will be held in our client account until used to pay those costs.

There are certain circumstances where we can offer, where requested, a fixed price based on a defined set of work parameters or for a particular piece of work. We are happy to consider proposing fixed costs (which can be higher than a time based estimate, due to building in contingencies to take into account unforeseen issues arising).

Who to contact to learn more

Contact our team to find out more, or fill in our online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.