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Recovery of Goods Centre

The Recovery of Goods Centre is an industry leading service designed to provide finance and leasing providers with a transparent, cost effective solution for recovery of goods.

Our objectives

  • Provide an industry leading price and quality of service.
  • Recover your goods quickly.
  • Recover any shortfall remaining due.

The Recovery of Goods Centre

What we cover

  • ‍Recovery of goods that are subject to Regulated and Unregulated Hire Purchase and Lease/Hire Agreements
  • ‍Shortfall Claims.
  • End of Contract Claims.

How we do it

  • Advise you of the best course of action, dependent on your individual needs
  • Negotiate Voluntary Surrender of the goods where possible.
  • Commence Recovery of Goods legal proceedings and pursue to conclusion.
  • Identify the appropriate means to enforce Judgment and pursue to Conclusion.

Negotiate and manage payment proposals to:

  • clear any arrears pre-termination;
  • under a Suspended Recovery of Goods Order;
  • to repay any shortfall amount; or
  • post-termination hire charges

Key contact

Debbie Mottley


The recovery process

The recovery of goods

  • Establish contact with the debtor.
  • Encourage voluntary surrender of the vehicle.
  • Where appropriate, Recovery of Goods proceedings taken by experienced and highly trained staff.
  • Proceedings monitored to conclusion.
  • Attempt to obtain a Money Judgment at Court to save costs should a shortfall arise after recovery and sale of the goods.
  • Vehicle recovered/ defleeted and auctioned by one of our carefully selected contractors, upon request.


  • When a Shortfall arises, a Letter Before Action sent within 24 hours of Referral.
  • Attempts made to prompt payment without the need for proceedings, whilst identifying a means to enforce.
  • Payments reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.
  • If payment not received, where Money Judgment not already obtained, convert ROG Order to Monetary Judgment. Enforcement proceedings considered include Attachment of Earnings Order, Charging Order, and Possession Proceedings.

Litigation Support

  • Extensive experience in contentious Litigation.
  • Bulk and bespoke Litigation tailored to your needs.
  • Pursue and collect defended recovery and shortfall cases.
  • Provide complementary risk avoidance training and support.
  • Flexible funding.
  • All provided through a dedicated point of contact.

Insolvency Support

  • Complement our ROG team, ensuring your optimum result in insolvency cases.
  • Provide you with experience and expertise in insolvency matters.
  • In house training on effects of and dealing efficiently with insolvency.
  • Develop a strategy with you maximising your recovery for an actual/ forthcoming insolvency.
  • Investigate fraudulent debtor behaviour.
  • Work with/ against Insolvency Practitioners to maximise net recovery.

Litigation support - Our objectives

Specialist Litigation support for complex matters.

What we do

  • Defended/Counterclaim cases
  • 'Stand alone' claims against you.
  • Disputed shortfall/ End of Contract Claims
  • Disputed excess mileage/ damage claims
  • Unlawful disposals
  • Defended Conversion Claims

How we do it

  • Minimize your costs with flexible CFA funding, blended or capped rates.
  • Experienced staff.
  • Streamlined process and maximise Organisation.

Key contact

John Lovatt

+44 (0) 1293 596942


Ian Price

+44 (0) 1293 596941


Insolvency support - Our objectives

Getting the best recovery for you by practical, cost effective solutions.

What we do

  • Complement our Recovery of Goods team ensuring your optimum result.
  • Provide you with experience and expertise.
  • Develop a strategy with you maximising your recovery for an actual/ forthcoming insolvency.
  • Help you maintain your cash flow by negotiating transfer to a new company where appropriate.
  • Investigate fraudulent debtor behaviour.
  • Work with/ against Insolvency Practitioners to protect your interest.

Case studies

  • Transfer of equipment leasing arrangements: Agreement settled with Administrators and third parties, recovering over $2m from the Administrators.
  • Recovery of vehicles and sums from Administrators: Recovery where sub hirers in possession under Client's main hirer.
  • Recovery of sums wrongfully retained by Administrators: They kept vehicles for use in administration.

Key contact

Gavin Pickering

+44 (0) 1293 596976


Client Feedback

“We have used
stevensdrake solicitors for a number of years for both debt collection
services and litigation. Their approach and advice are straightforward,
relevant and commercially viable. Their personal and professional
service is greatly appreciated. We consider the relationship to be a
partnership rather than that of client/customer.""

achieve positive outcomes in our most difficult cases. They have
revamped their pre-legal process to give customers more information
about the process, earlier, instead of taking the traditionally abrupt
approach of simply serving a Letter Before Action. This exemplifies
their commitment to a higher standard of collections conduct."

have become a trusted partner, working proactively and collaboratively
to ensure that we are receiving the right level of reporting, and the
right outcomes time and again.”

“We know when we
place a case with stevensdrake that we can have the utmost confidence
that it will be worked in the right way every time.”

Who to contact to learn more

John Lovatt

Director, Joint Head of Litigation

Gavin Pickering

Head of Insolvency

Debbie Mottley

Director, Head of Collections

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