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Joint statement on redundancies from ACAS, CBI and TUC

October 13, 2020
Employment Law

Now it’s not often you hear of a joint statement made by organisations with such diverse interests and agendas as ACAS, the CBI and the TUC. So when one turns up, you probably ought to listen.

What are they saying?

Clearly chastened by the threat of redundancies right across the economy, ACAS, the CBI and the TUC have published a joint statement aimed at encouraging employers to deal with redundancy situations fairly and lawfully. So, in a nutshell, what are they advising?

Firstly, they are suggesting that redundancies should be a last resort, after all other possible alternatives have been exhausted. If they are unavoidable, they are recommending employers follow 5 key principles:

1. Do it openly: the sooner people understand the situation, the better for everyone.

2. Do it thoroughly: provide appropriate guidance and information to those involved.

3. Do it genuinely: listen to the thoughts and ideas of others and provide feedback before making a final decision.

4. Do it fairly: avoid, in particular, any discriminatory practices.

5. Do it with dignity: remember the human being on the other end of the process; adopt an approach that is sensitive to the employee and reflects the values of the employer.

In many respects you can’t argue with any of this. If you want to read more, the full statement can be found via the link below:


Nothing like tailored advice

Of course, guidance of this nature can be very helpful. However, it is no replacement for taking specifically tailored legal advice on your particular circumstances and needs. If you would like to have a chat with us about the challenges you are facing (as the furlough scheme is finally closed), then contact us on (01293) 596931 or at employment@stevensdrake.com

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