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Diversity Data

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We have recently conducted a survey of our staff, in order to monitor the diversity of our workforce.  We have set out below a summary of the results.


16-24 0%

25-34 32%

35-44 13.5%

45-54 22.5%

55-64 32%

65+ 0%


Male 27%

Female 73%


Indian 9%

Pakistani 4.5%

White British 82%

Black/Black British 4.5%

Socio-economic background (education)

UK State School educated 64%

UK  Independent/Fee-paying school educated 22.5%

Other 13.5%

Primary carer of a child under 18

Yes 18%

No 82%

Unpaid carer

No 77%

Yes 23%

4.5% of respondents identified themselves as having a disability.

The firm also gathered information relating to other characteristics such as religion and belief and sexual orientation.  Whilst data in relation to these matters has been disclosed to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we do not publish it on our website.

Please note that not all our staff chose to participate in this survey.  As a consequence, the results may not necessarily be representative of the firm as a whole.  The survey was conducted in June and July 2021.