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Charging for our Services: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible about the way in which we charge for our services.  With this in mind:

We aim to provide you with the best advice of the likely costs at the outset, and to work within an agreed budget where possible.

We will keep you regularly updated of any relevant developments as we go along, as disputes can give rise to risks and uncertainties.

We will advise you if we are able to claim a contribution to your costs from the other side, and aim to maximise such recovery for you at all times.

You can contact Ian Price and John Lovatt (Joint Heads of our Litigation Team) at any time on 01293 596941/42.

Charge out rates

Traditionally, lawyers charge for their services by reference to an hourly charge out rate, depending on the experience and seniority of the lawyer concerned.

Our rates +

Our team’s normal hourly charge out rates are currently £300 plus VAT for Ian Price and John Lovatt (Partners), £235 plus VAT for Richard Burraston (Associate), and £135 plus VAT for our paralegals. Hourly charge out rates for other lawyers who may work on your matter will vary from £235 plus VAT for an assistant solicitor, to up to £375 plus VAT for a partner. We will set out and obtain your agreement to who in the team could be working on your matter and their rates, in advance.

Contact us to find out more; or fill in our online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Litigation, and dispute resolution covers a wide range of potential issues and matters. You may have funding from third parties, such as a trade union, family or employer. Specific examples of some of the factors relevant to fees include:

Alternative Funding Arrangements

It is always important to consider whether you may benefit from legal expenses insurance.  An insurance policy of this nature could meet some or all of the costs incurred in pursuing or defending a claim.

You may already have an insurance policy to cover your costs +

Private individuals, in particular, may not realise that they benefit from this sort of insurance.  It is often buried away in home and contents insurance policies, ‘packaged’ bank accounts or other financial products.

If you find that you are insured in relation to the costs associated with a claim, your insurers may attempt to persuade you to use one of their ‘panel’ solicitors.  However, you should normally be given the opportunity to choose your own lawyer, and we are happy to step in and act for you and to liaise with your insurer to do so.  This means that, subject to us agreeing appropriate terms with your insurer, we may be able to act for you, with your insurance provider meeting the cost.

Alternatively, a risk sharing arrangement with an after the event insurance product may be available.

Risk sharing arrangements +
£250,001 - £350,000
£350,001- £500,000
Bank Transfer Fee
From £895 + Vat
From £795 + Vat
£35+ VAT
£35+ VAT
From £850 + Vat
£35+ VAT
£75+ VAT
£75+ VAT
£75+ VAT
SDLT Return Fee
Total of our Fees
Conveyancing  Fee
From £905 + VAT
From £960 + VAT
From£1,005 + VAT
Property Value

These are policies which help to cover the cost of litigation once the dispute has arisen. If the premium is affordable, then it can provide some peace of mind against the possibility of having to pay the total litigation costs if you lose the case. Insurance cover can be purchased to protect against:

  • Your own “disbursements”: expenses such as Court fees and experts fees.

  • Your own legal charges.

  • The other side’s costs, if you are unsuccessful in your claim and ordered to pay their costs.

The usual basis of such policies is that payment is made only if you fail completely with your case.

  • However, the premium is not recoverable from your opponent, so you will need to carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a Policy.

  • Premiums can start from around 30% of the total legal charges against which you want to protect yourself. However, we can obtain quotes if it is an option you wish to pursue.

  • Usually, there will be a brokers fee for you to pay for arranging such quotes.

  • In substantial commercial litigation the premiums may be even higher.

Often in tandem with such a Policy, it may be possible to agree one of two risk-sharing arrangements with you:

  • A Conditional Fee Agreement.  In return for a reduced charge if the case is lost, if the case is won we charge a “success fee” on top of the normal hourly rate.  If successful, you can only claim back the usual hourly rate, and you will be liable to us for the success fee, eating into whatever you then recover. If you lose, you still have to pay your disbursements (e.g. court fees, experts, etc.), and also your opponent’s legal charges.

  • A Damages Based Agreement (contingency fee).  In return for a reduced or no charge for our costs if the case is lost, if the case is won (at any stage in the process) we share the damages awarded to you, to a maximum share of 50%. The exact share will be agreed between us. If successful, you can only claim from the other side an amount equal to what you would have paid on our usual hourly rates. If you lose, you still have to pay your disbursements (e.g. court fees, experts, etc.), and also your opponent’s legal charges.

Third parties who offer to fund you will normally expect to share the rewards, and often a case will not be suitable for such an arrangement or may not make commercial sense to be funded by such an arrangement.


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties (e.g. court fees, expert fees, and barristers’ fees).

How we handle disbursements +

Usually, we handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process. In some instances (for example, experts) you may contract with them direct regarding payment of their fees.

Where we instruct a barrister to draft proceedings, advise on a claim or technical point of law, or represent you at a hearing, the barrister’s fee can vary quite significantly depending on the experience and seniority of the barrister concerned. We have good links with a variety of specialist barristers chambers to ensure you get the right barrister for the right price with the right expertise.  We will discuss with you their fee and agree this with the barrister beforehand.

See online guide for the current court fees.

Community Legal Service Funding (Legal Aid)

This is now only available on a very limited basis in litigation cases from a restricted number of firms.

We are unable to offer it +

If you feel you may be eligible due to your financial circumstances, then you should consider contacting the Law Society to obtain the name of a community legal service firm who may be able to assess your finances and act for you through Legal Services Funding. If you have the benefit of Legal Services Funding you could have some protection from paying your opponents costs.

Who to contact to learn more

Our Litigation team has a wealth of experience and expertise in pursuing a wide variety of proceedings, and in resolving disputes through alternative methods, including mediation, arbitration, and simple negotiation. Contact us to find out more, or to see what we can do for you; or fill in our online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.